Temple of the Serpent Battle Map

by Domille's Wondrous Works

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With its many variations, this map is perfect for any kind of fantasy setting, and might even work for a sci-fi or a modern campaign, if your players want to explore an ancient religious site. What kind of treasures are hidden within this old temple?

This map pack includes 19 variations of the map that includes day, night, rain, storm, glowing eyes, grass, water, with and without palm trees and different combinations of the above.

Included Assets (19)

Dww Temple Of The Serpent Eyeglow Vttdww-temple-of-the-serpent-eyeglow-vtt
Dww Temple Of The Serpent Night Vttdww-temple-of-the-serpent-night-vtt
Dww Temple Of The Serpent Poison Vttdww-temple-of-the-serpent-poison-vtt
Dww Temple Of The Serpent Sand Storm Vttdww-temple-of-the-serpent-sand-storm-vtt
Dww Temple Of The Serpent Vttdww-temple-of-the-serpent-vtt
Snake Temple Grasssnake-temple-grass
Snake Temple Night Glow Grasssnake-temple-night-glow-grass
Snake Temple Night Glow Palm Trees Glowsnake-temple-night-glow-palm-trees-glow
Snake Temple Night Glow Watersnake-temple-night-glow-water
Snake Temple Night Grasssnake-temple-night-grass
Snake Temple Night Watersnake-temple-night-water
Snake Temple Palm Treessnake-temple-palm-trees
Snake Temple Palm Trees Nightsnake-temple-palm-trees-night
Snake Temple Palm Trees Poisonsnake-temple-palm-trees-poison
Snake Temple Poison Grasssnake-temple-poison-grass
Snake Temple Poison Watersnake-temple-poison-water
Snake Temple Rain Grasssnake-temple-rain-grass
Snake Temple Rain Watersnake-temple-rain-water
Snake Temple Watersnake-temple-water