Medieval & Fantasy: Siege Weaponry & Combat

by DT Sound

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129 total SFX to take your Medieval/Fantasy project to the next level!

Soundcloud Preview:

Full SFX List (PDF):

Including 6 different Siege weapons:

– Catapult

– Cannon

– Trebuchet

– Siege Ladder

– Battering Ram

– Ballista

Plus weapon movement, wall destruction, gate damage and destruction & much more!

More info:

– All SFX in this pack include up to 5 variants to give your project a more authentic finish.

– All files are well organised and sensibly named for immediate use in any type of project

– Each weapon not only has firing and loading sounds but also movement on different surfaces and a variety of impact sounds

– High level of detail in weapon sounds to give your project even more authenticity

Goes Well With

Medieval & Fantasy: Weapons & Combat


WAV – Stereo 44.1 Khz, 24bit

OGG – Stereo 44.1 Khz, 24bit

Use over & Over

Once purchased these sounds can be used indefinitely.

Professional Audio Services

For custom sound design to make your project extra special please email:

Included Assets (129)

Ballista FireBallista_Fire
Ballista Fire 2Ballista_Fire_2
Ballista Fire 3Ballista_Fire_3
Ballista Fire 4Ballista_Fire_4
Ballista Fire 5Ballista_Fire_5
Ballista LoadBallista_Load
Ballista Load 2Ballista_Load_2
Ballista Load 3Ballista_Load_3
Ballista Load 4Ballista_Load_4
Ballista Load 5Ballista_Load_5
Ballista Loading LoopBallista_Loading_Loop
Ballista Loading Loop 2Ballista_Loading_Loop_2
Ballista Loading Loop 3Ballista_Loading_Loop_3
Cannon FireCannon_Fire
Cannon Fire 2Cannon_Fire_2
Cannon Fire 3Cannon_Fire_3
Cannon Fire 4Cannon_Fire_4
Cannon Fire 5Cannon_Fire_5
Cannon ReloadCannon_Reload
Cannon Reload 2Cannon_Reload_2
Cannon Reload 3Cannon_Reload_3
Cannon Reload 4Cannon_Reload_4
Cannon Reload 5Cannon_Reload_5
Catapult FireCatapult_Fire
Catapult Fire 2Catapult_Fire_2
Catapult Fire 3Catapult_Fire_3
Catapult Fire 4Catapult_Fire_4
Catapult Fire 5Catapult_Fire_5
Catapult ReloadCatapult_Reload
Catapult Reload 2Catapult_Reload_2
Catapult Reload 3Catapult_Reload_3
Catapult Reload 4Catapult_Reload_4
Catapult Reload 5Catapult_Reload_5
Catapult Reload LoopCatapult_Reload_Loop
Catapult Reload Loop 2Catapult_Reload_Loop_2
Catapult Reload Loop 3Catapult_Reload_Loop_3
Gate DestroyedGate_Destroyed
Gate Destroyed 2Gate_Destroyed_2
Gate Destroyed 3Gate_Destroyed_3
Gate Destroyed 4Gate_Destroyed_4
Gate Destroyed 5Gate_Destroyed_5
Gate SplinterGate_Splinter
Gate Splinter 2Gate_Splinter_2
Gate Splinter 3Gate_Splinter_3
Gate Splinter 4Gate_Splinter_4
Gate Splinter 5Gate_Splinter_5
Impact FleshImpact_Flesh
Impact Flesh 2Impact_Flesh_2
Impact Flesh 3Impact_Flesh_3
Impact Flesh 4Impact_Flesh_4
Impact Flesh 5Impact_Flesh_5
Impact MetalImpact_Metal
Impact Metal 2Impact_Metal_2
Impact Metal 3Impact_Metal_3
Impact Metal 4Impact_Metal_4
Impact Metal 5Impact_Metal_5
Impact StoneImpact_Stone
Impact Stone 2Impact_Stone_2
Impact Stone 3Impact_Stone_3
Impact Stone 4Impact_Stone_4
Impact Stone 5Impact_Stone_5
Impact WoodImpact_Wood
Impact Wood 2Impact_Wood_2
Impact Wood 3Impact_Wood_3
Impact Wood 4Impact_Wood_4
Impact Wood 5Impact_Wood_5
Ladder Climb 1Ladder_Climb_1
Ladder Climb 2Ladder_Climb_2
Ladder Climb 3Ladder_Climb_3
Ladder Climb 4Ladder_Climb_4
Ladder Climb 5Ladder_Climb_5
Ladder Climb LoopLadder_Climb_Loop
Ladder Climb Loop 2Ladder_Climb_Loop_2
Ladder Climb Loop 3Ladder_Climb_Loop_3
Ladder PlaceLadder_Place
Ladder Place 2Ladder_Place_2
Ladder Place 3Ladder_Place_3
Ladder Place 4Ladder_Place_4
Ladder Place 5Ladder_Place_5
Ladder RaiseLadder_Raise
Ladder Raise 2Ladder_Raise_2
Ladder Raise 3Ladder_Raise_3
Ladder Raise 4Ladder_Raise_4
Ladder Raise 5Ladder_Raise_5
Ladder Raise Place 1Ladder_Raise_Place_1
Ladder Raise Place 2Ladder_Raise_Place_2
Ladder Raise Place 3Ladder_Raise_Place_3
Ladder Raise Place 4Ladder_Raise_Place_4
Ladder Raise Place 5Ladder_Raise_Place_5
Ram Gate MetalRam_Gate_Metal
Ram Gate Metal 2Ram_Gate_Metal_2
Ram Gate Metal 3Ram_Gate_Metal_3
Ram Gate Metal 4Ram_Gate_Metal_4
Ram Gate Metal 5Ram_Gate_Metal_5
Ram Gate WoodRam_Gate_Wood
Ram Gate Wood 2Ram_Gate_Wood_2
Ram Gate Wood 3Ram_Gate_Wood_3
Ram Gate Wood 4Ram_Gate_Wood_4
Ram Gate Wood 5Ram_Gate_Wood_5
Siege Weapon DestroyedSiege_Weapon_Destroyed
Siege Weapon Destroyed 2Siege_Weapon_Destroyed_2
Siege Weapon Destroyed 3Siege_Weapon_Destroyed_3
Siege Weapon Destroyed 4Siege_Weapon_Destroyed_4
Siege Weapon Destroyed 5Siege_Weapon_Destroyed_5
Siege Weapon MoveSiege_Weapon_Move
Siege Weapon Move 2Siege_Weapon_Move_2
Siege Weapon Move GrassSiege_Weapon_Move_Grass
Siege Weapon Move Grass 2Siege_Weapon_Move_Grass_2
Siege Weapon Move StoneSiege_Weapon_Move_Stone
Siege Weapon Move Stone 2Siege_Weapon_Move_Stone_2
Trebuchet FireTrebuchet_Fire
Trebuchet Fire 2Trebuchet_Fire_2
Trebuchet Fire 3Trebuchet_Fire_3
Trebuchet Fire 4Trebuchet_Fire_4
Trebuchet Fire 5Trebuchet_Fire_5
Trebuchet Firing 2Trebuchet_Firing_2
Trebuchet LoadingTrebuchet_Loading
Trebuchet Loading 2Trebuchet_Loading_2
Trebuchet Loading 3Trebuchet_Loading_3
Trebuchet Loading 4Trebuchet_Loading_4
Trebuchet Loading 5Trebuchet_Loading_5
Trebuchet Loading LoopTrebuchet_Loading_Loop
Trebuchet Loading Loop 2Trebuchet_Loading_Loop_2
Trebuchet Loading Loop 3Trebuchet_Loading_Loop_3
Wall DestroyedWall_Destroyed
Wall Destroyed 2Wall_Destroyed_2
Wall Destroyed 3Wall_Destroyed_3
Wall Destroyed 4Wall_Destroyed_4
Wall Destroyed 5Wall_Destroyed_5