Medieval & Fantasy: Weapons & Combat

by DT Sound

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187 total SFX to take your Medieval/Fantasy project to the next level!

Soundcloud Preview:

Full SFX List:

Including 6 different weapons:

– Sword

– Axe

– Spear/Polearm

– Mace/Club

– Bow

– Crossbow

Plus metal & wooden shields, armour equipping and damaging sounds and more!

Recommended to buy together with Siege Warfare pack for all your fantasy weapon needs!

More info:

– All SFX in this pack include up to 5 variants to give your project a more authentic finish.

– All files are well organised and sensibly named for immediate use in any type of project

– Each weapon not only has contact sounds, but also equipping and usage sounds

– High level of detail in armour sounds to give real authenticity.


WAV – Stereo 44.1 Khz, 24bit

Use over & Over

Once purchased these sounds can be used indefinitely.

Professional Audio Services

For custom sound design to make your project extra special please email:

Included Assets (187)

Armour BlockArmour_Block
Armour Block 2Armour_Block_2
Armour Block 3Armour_Block_3
Armour Block 4Armour_Block_4
Armour Block 5Armour_Block_5
Armour DeflectArmour_Deflect
Armour Deflect 2Armour_Deflect_2
Armour Deflect 3Armour_Deflect_3
Armour Deflect 4Armour_Deflect_4
Armour Deflect 5Armour_Deflect_5
Armour Equip ChainArmour_Equip_Chain
Armour Equip Chain 2Armour_Equip_Chain_2
Armour Equip ClothArmour_Equip_Cloth
Armour Equip Cloth 2Armour_Equip_Cloth_2
Armour Equip Heavy 1Armour_Equip_Heavy_1
Armour Equip Heavy 2Armour_Equip_Heavy_2
Armour Equip Heavy 3Armour_Equip_Heavy_3
Armour Equip Heavy 4Armour_Equip_Heavy_4
Armour Equip Heavy 5Armour_Equip_Heavy_5
Armour Equip LeatherArmour_Equip_Leather
Armour Equip Leather 2Armour_Equip_Leather_2
Armour Equip MediumArmour_Equip_Medium
Armour Equip Medium 2Armour_Equip_Medium_2
Armour Equip Medium 3Armour_Equip_Medium_3
Armour Equip Medium 4Armour_Equip_Medium_4
Armour Equip Medium 5Armour_Equip_Medium_5
Arrow Impact FleshArrow_Impact_Flesh
Arrow Impact Flesh 2Arrow_Impact_Flesh_2
Arrow Impact MetalArrow_Impact_Metal
Arrow Impact Metal 2Arrow_Impact_Metal_2
Arrow Impact StoneArrow_Impact_Stone
Arrow Impact Stone 2Arrow_Impact_Stone_2
Arrow Impact WoodArrow_Impact_Wood
Arrow Impact Wood 2Arrow_Impact_Wood_2
Axe DrawAxe_Draw
Axe Draw 2Axe_Draw_2
Axe Draw 3Axe_Draw_3
Axe Draw 4Axe_Draw_4
Axe Draw 5Axe_Draw_5
Axe Hit FleshAxe_Hit_Flesh
Axe Hit Flesh 2Axe_Hit_Flesh_2
Axe Hit MetalAxe_Hit_Metal
Axe Hit Metal 2Axe_Hit_Metal_2
Axe Hit StoneAxe_Hit_Stone
Axe Hit Stone 2Axe_Hit_Stone_2
Axe Hit WoodAxe_Hit_Wood
Axe Hit Wood 2Axe_Hit_Wood_2
Axe SwingAxe_Swing
Axe Swing 2Axe_Swing_2
Axe Swing 3Axe_Swing_3
Axe Swing 4Axe_Swing_4
Axe Swing 5Axe_Swing_5
Bolt Impact FleshBolt_Impact_Flesh
Bolt Impact Flesh 2Bolt_Impact_Flesh_2
Bolt Impact MetalBolt_Impact_Metal
Bolt Impact Metal 2Bolt_Impact_Metal_2
Bolt Impact StoneBolt_Impact_Stone
Bolt Impact Stone 2Bolt_Impact_Stone_2
Bolt Impact WoodBolt_Impact_Wood
Bolt Impact Wood 2Bolt_Impact_Wood_2
Bow Draw LongBow_Draw_Long
Bow Draw Long 2Bow_Draw_Long_2
Bow Draw MediumBow_Draw_Medium
Bow Draw Medium 2Bow_Draw_Medium_2
Bow Draw ShortBow_Draw_Short
Bow Draw Short 2Bow_Draw_Short_2
Bow ShootBow_Shoot
Bow Shoot 2Bow_Shoot_2
Bow Shoot 3Bow_Shoot_3
Bow Shoot 4Bow_Shoot_4
Bow Shoot 5Bow_Shoot_5
Club DrawClub_Draw
Club Draw 2Club_Draw_2
Club Draw 3Club_Draw_3
Club Draw 4Club_Draw_4
Club Draw 5Club_Draw_5
Club Impact FleshClub_Impact_Flesh
Club Impact Flesh 2Club_Impact_Flesh_2
Club Impact MetalClub_Impact_Metal
Club Impact Metal 2Club_Impact_Metal_2
Club Impact StoneClub_Impact_Stone
Club Impact Stone 2Club_Impact_Stone_2
Club Impact WoodClub_Impact_Wood
Club Impact Wood 2Club_Impact_Wood_2
Club SwingClub_Swing
Club Swing 2Club_Swing_2
Club Swing 3Club_Swing_3
Club Swing 4Club_Swing_4
Club Swing 5Club_Swing_5
Crossbow FireCrossbow_Fire
Crossbow Fire 2Crossbow_Fire_2
Crossbow Fire 3Crossbow_Fire_3
Crossbow Fire 4Crossbow_Fire_4
Crossbow Fire 5Crossbow_Fire_5
Crossbow Reload 1Crossbow_Reload_1
Crossbow Reload 2Crossbow_Reload_2
Crossbow Reload 3Crossbow_Reload_3
Crossbow Reload 4Crossbow_Reload_4
Crossbow Reload 5Crossbow_Reload_5
Female WoundedFemale_Wounded
Female Wounded 2Female_Wounded_2
Female Wounded 3Female_Wounded_3
Female Wounded 4Female_Wounded_4
Female Wounded 5Female_Wounded_5
Male WoundedMale_Wounded
Male Wounded 2Male_Wounded_2
Male Wounded 3Male_Wounded_3
Male Wounded 4Male_Wounded_4
Male Wounded 5Male_Wounded_5
Miss (1)Miss (1)
Miss (2)Miss (2)
Miss (3)Miss (3)
Miss (4)Miss (4)
Miss (5)Miss (5)
Miss Verb (1)Miss_Verb (1)
Miss Verb (2)Miss_Verb (2)
Miss Verb (3)Miss_Verb (3)
Miss Verb (4)Miss_Verb (4)
Miss Verb (5)Miss_Verb (5)
Shield Equip Metal Heavy 1Shield_Equip_Metal_Heavy_1
Shield Equip Metal Heavy 2Shield_Equip_Metal_Heavy_2
Shield Equip Metal Light 1Shield_Equip_Metal_Light_1
Shield Equip Metal Light 2Shield_Equip_Metal_Light_2
Shield Equip Metal Medium 1Shield_Equip_Metal_Medium_1
Shield Equip Metal Medium 2Shield_Equip_Metal_Medium_2
Shield Equip Wood Heavy 2Shield_Equip_Wood_Heavy_2
Shield Equip Wood Light 2Shield_Equip_Wood_Light_2
Shield Equip Wood Medium 2Shield_Equip_Wood_Medium_2
Shield Equip Wooden Heavy 1Shield_Equip_Wooden_Heavy_1
Shield Metal Block 1Shield_Metal_Block_1
Shield Metal Block 2Shield_Metal_Block_2
Shield Metal Block 3Shield_Metal_Block_3
Shield Metal Block 4Shield_Metal_Block_4
Shield Metal Block 5Shield_Metal_Block_5
Shield Metal Deflect 1Shield_Metal_Deflect_1
Shield Metal Deflect 2Shield_Metal_Deflect_2
Shield Metal Deflect 3Shield_Metal_Deflect_3
Shield Metal Deflect 4Shield_Metal_Deflect_4
Shield Metal Deflect 5Shield_Metal_Deflect_5
Shield Wood Block 1Shield_Wood_Block_1
Shield Wood Block 2Shield_Wood_Block_2
Shield Wood Block 3Shield_Wood_Block_3
Shield Wood Block 4Shield_Wood_Block_4
Shield Wood Block 5Shield_Wood_Block_5
Shield Wood Deflect 1Shield_Wood_Deflect_1
Shield Wood Deflect 2Shield_Wood_Deflect_2
Shield Wood Deflect 3Shield_Wood_Deflect_3
Shield Wood Deflect 4Shield_Wood_Deflect_4
Shield Wood Deflect 5Shield_Wood_Deflect_5
Shield Wood Equip Light 1Shield_Wood_Equip_Light_1
Shield Wood Equip Medium 1Shield_Wood_Equip_Medium_1
Spear EquipSpear_Equip
Spear Equip 2Spear_Equip_2
Spear Equip 3Spear_Equip_3
Spear Equip 4Spear_Equip_4
Spear Equip 5Spear_Equip_5
Spear Hit FleshSpear_Hit_Flesh
Spear Hit Flesh 2Spear_Hit_Flesh_2
Spear Hit MetalSpear_Hit_Metal
Spear Hit Metal 2Spear_Hit_Metal_2
Spear Hit StoneSpear_Hit_Stone
Spear Hit Stone 2Spear_Hit_Stone_2
Spear Hit WoodSpear_Hit_Wood
Spear Hit Wood 2Spear_Hit_Wood_2
Spear StabSpear_Stab
Spear Stab 2Spear_Stab_2
Spear Stab 3Spear_Stab_3
Spear Stab 4Spear_Stab_4
Spear Stab 5Spear_Stab_5
Sword DrawSword_Draw
Sword Draw 2Sword_Draw_2
Sword Draw 3Sword_Draw_3
Sword Draw 4Sword_Draw_4
Sword Draw 5Sword_Draw_5
Sword Hit FleshSword_Hit_Flesh
Sword Hit Flesh 2Sword_Hit_Flesh_2
Sword Hit MetalSword_Hit_Metal
Sword Hit Metal 2Sword_Hit_Metal_2
Sword Hit StoneSword_Hit_Stone
Sword Hit Stone 2Sword_Hit_Stone_2
Sword Hit WoodSword_Hit_Wood
Sword Hit Wood 2Sword_Hit_Wood_2
Sword SwingSword_Swing
Sword Swing 2Sword_Swing_2
Sword Swing 3Sword_Swing_3
Sword Swing 4Sword_Swing_4
Sword Swing 5Sword_Swing_5