Ddraig Goch's A pirate's life for me!

by Ddraig Goch 3D Renders

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This product depicts 75 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The high seas are calling you home, but there is always someone trying to loot that dream!

33 Pirates, both male and female with some dead tokens

7 Merrow with 1 dead token

1 Wizard both alive and dead

Objects and furniture

  • Ballistas
  • Barrels
  • Buckets
  • Cannons
  • Cannon balls
  • Crate
  • Harpoon
  • Mangonel
  • Rope

Ships This pack has 3 different coloured ships, black, brown and white along with corresponding coloured sails, in three colour variations, black red and white. Also each ship has a cannon version included in each colour. The sails are separate to be pushed to the back or the GM lair when the action is on board the ship. Also included is a Airship and corresponding balloon, each separate to not mask the action. Included is a animated wake of a ship as well as a still version.

Included Assets (75)

Airship Balloonsails, Airship balloon, brown, red
Airship GondolaAirship Gondola, flying, wooden, brown
Ballistawar machine, rotate, big, Ballista, arrow
Ballista Mobilemounted, war machine, Ballista mobile, wheels
Barrel 1keg, Barrel 1, wooden, top down, empty
Barrel 2cask, side view, Barrel 2, drum
Black Ship With Cannons Without Sailssailing, top view, Black ship with cannons without sails, guns
Black Ship Without Sailsbattle, wooden, galleon, Black ship without sails
Black Wood With Black Sailscrows nest, canvas, Black wood with black sails
Black Wood With Red Sailsseperate, Black wood with red sails, canvas
Black Wood With White Sailsrigging, upper, Black wood with white sails
Brown Ship With Cannons Without SailsBrown ship with cannons without sails, war ship
Brown Ship Without Sailspoop deck, Brown ship without sails
Brown Wood With Black Sailsgalleon, war ship, Brown wood with black sails, Pirate 1
Brown Wood With Red Sailstop down, canvas, Brown wood with red sails
Brown Wood With White Sailscrows nest, high seas, Brown wood with white sails
BucketBucket, poopdeck, dirty, water
Bucket With Mopwater, green, Bucket with mop, dirty
Cannonballsphere, Cannonball, shinny, reflection
Cannon Below Decklong, neck, guns, Cannon below deck
Cannon On Deckshort, guns, neck, Cannon on deck
Crate With Cannonballswooden, Crate with cannonballs, trunk, box
HarpoonHarpoon, swivel, mounted, spear, war machine
Mangonelwar machine, Mangonel, caterpult, rocks, stones
Merrow 1sea, Merrow 1, Harpoon, creature
Merrow 2Merrow 2, spear, monster, sea
Merrow 3Merrow 3, spear, sea, purple
Merrow 4yellow, green, female, Merrow 4
Merrow 5fins, blue, sea creature, Merrow 5
Merrow 6deep, dweller, creature, Merrow 6
Merrow Deadocean, creature, slain, Merrow dead, killed
Moppoopdeck, Mop, wooden, swab
Pirate 1Pirate 1, tricorne, captain, bandit, swashbuckler
Pirate 10bald, Pirate 10, beard, sword
Pirate 11eating, Pirate 11, leader, captain, apple
Pirate 12killed, dead, Pirate 12, slain
Pirate 13captain, Pirate 13, scimitar, runic, leader + 1 more
Pirate 14rapier, Pirate 14, buccaneer, bandana
Pirate 15female, Pirate 15, feather, woman
Pirate 16woman, Pirate 16, rover, sailor, female
Pirate 17female, Pirate 17, woman, red head
Pirate 18Pirate 18, woman, dreadlocks, female
Pirate 19female, woman, sword, Pirate 19, defending
Pirate 1 DeadPirate 1 dead, slain, bandit, killed
Pirate 2dagger, Pirate 2, dual wield, scimitar, captain + 1 more
Pirate 20Pirate 20, dirty, scallywag, scimitar
Pirate 21scimitar, buzz hair cut, Pirate 21
Pirate 22crazy, red hair, scimitar, buccaneer, Pirate 22
Pirate 23hand, dwarf, Pirate 23, peg leg, hook
Pirate 24Pirate 24, attacking, bald, beard, dagger
Pirate 25female, Pirate 25, woman, sword, red hair
Pirate 26fallen, woman, female, defending, Pirate 26
Pirate 27duel wield, axes, Pirate 27, orc, female
Pirate 28leader, captain, woman, Pirate 28, female
Pirate 28 Deadcaptain, killed, slain, Pirate 28 dead, leader
Pirate 29shirtless, scimitar, bald, Pirate 29
Pirate 3eyepatch, hat, captain, beard, Pirate 3 + 1 more
Pirate 30orc, Pirate 30, male, scimitar
Pirate 31hobgoblin, goblin, Pirate 31, scoundrel
Pirate 4tricorne hat, walking, lantern, Pirate 4
Pirate 5pointing, eyepatch, Pirate 5, hat, tricorne
Pirate 6relaxing, scars, Pirate 6, tattoos
Pirate 7dagger, bald, topless, Pirate 7, dirty
Pirate 8bandit, scimitar, dirty, Pirate 8
Pirate 9fists, Pirate 9, red hair, ginger, fighting
Rope Bundlestrand, knotwork, hemp, Rope Bundle
Ship Wakewaves, high seas, trail, Ship-wake
Ship Wake Animatedwaves, high seas, Ship wake, ship, behind
White Ship With Cannons Without Sailsgalleon, White ship with cannons without sails, guns, powder
White Ship Without Sailsvessel, White ship without sails, schooner, war ship, boat
White Wood With Black Sailsbillow, crows nest, mast, White wood with black sails
White Wood With Red SailsWhite wood with red sails, wine, canvas, burgundy
White Wood With White Sailssailing, White wood with white sails, grey, mast
Wizardwarlock, sorcerer, casting, Wizard
Wizard Deadkilled, scarred, slain, Wizard dead