Ddraig Goch's Barbarian Pack

by Ddraig Goch 3D Renders

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This product depicts 55 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. It all begins with a Barbarian starting a fight in a tavern, doesn't it?

Different races included are:

  • Aasamirs both male and female in various forms
  • Centaurs both male and female
  • Dragonborns in blue and red
  • Dwarves both male and female
  • Elves both males and female
  • Gnomes both male and female
  • Goblins both male and female
  • Goliaths both male and female
  • Halflings both male and female
  • Half-Orcs both male and female
  • Humans both male and female
  • Orcs both male and female
  • Tabaxis both male and female
  • Tieflings both male and female
  • Warforged in various armourments

bjects and furniture:

  • Chest both open and closed
  • Fireplace
  • Flag
  • Flask
  • Greatsword
  • Shield
  • Skull
  • Chest, both open and closed
  • Skull

Map: Included is a Barbarian camp map to be used in your fantasy campaign

Included Assets (63)

Axe 1classic, axe
Axe 2headed, two, axe
Axe 3barbarian, greataxe, two handed axe
Axe 4headed, axe, single
Axe 5bound, handle, leather, metal
Axe 6with horns, skull, emblem
Axe 7throwning, axe, small
Barbarian Aasamir Female 1wield, woman, Barbarian Aasamir Female 1, dual
Barbarian Aasamir Female 2Barbarian Aasamir Female 2, scoure, wings, woman
Barbarian Aasamir Female 3woman, wings, protector, Barbarian Aasamir Female 3
Barbarian Aasamir Female 4flying, Barbarian Aasamir Female 4, wings, woman
Barbarian Aasamir Female 5ethereal, Barbarian Aasamir Female 5, spirit, wings, flying
Barbarian Aasamir Male 1handed, Barbarian Aasamir Male 1, greataxe, two, woman
Barbarian Aasamir Male 2Barbarian Aasamir Male 2, fallen, flying, wings, man
Barbarian Aasamir Male 3man, flying, angelic, wings, Barbarian Aasamir Male 3 + 1 more
Barbarian Aasamir Male 4wings, feather, Barbarian Aasamir Male 4
Barbarian Aasamir Male 5wings, Barbarian Aasamir Male 5, fallen, purple
Barbarian Campencampment, cave, hideout, Barbarian Camp
Barbarian Centaur Femaledreadlocks, spear, woman, Barbarian Centaur Female
Barbarian Centaur Maleman, mohawk, Barbarian Centaur Male, spear
Barbarian Chest Closedtrunk, Barbarian Chest Closed, strongbox, coffer
Barbarian Chest Openstrongbox, Barbarian Chest Open, trunk, coffer
Barbarian Dragonborn Bluehalf, Barbarian Dragonborn Blue, male, dragon
Barbarian Dragonborn Reddragon, half, Barbarian Dragonborn Red, male
Barbarian Dwarf Female 1wield, dual, woman
Barbarian Dwarf Female 2wield, dual, Barbarian Dwarf Female 2, woman
Barbarian Dwarf Maledual, hammer, Barbarian Dwarf Male, wield
Barbarian Elf Femalesword, Barbarian Elf Female, two-handed, woman
Barbarian Elf Malegreataxe, Barbarian Elf Male, man, two-handed
Barbarian Furniture Fireplacemetal, Barbarian Furniture Fireplace, campfire, hearth
Barbarian Furniture Flagstandard, Barbarian Furniture Flag, orc, banner
Barbarian Furniture Flaskbottle, glass, Barbarian Furniture Flask, drinking
Barbarian Gnome Femalewoman, axe, Barbarian Gnome Female, small
Barbarian Gnome Malesvirfneblin , Barbarian Gnome Male, man, deep
Barbarian Goblin Femalepigtails, woman, Barbarian Goblin Female, green
Barbarian Goblin Malegreen, Barbarian Goblin Male, man, rogue
Barbarian Goliath Femaleaxe, woman, tattoos, Barbarian Goliath Female
Barbarian Goliath Malegrog, tattoos, greataxe, Barbarian Goliath Male, man
Barbarian Halfling Femalewoman, blonde, Barbarian Halfling Female, longsword
Barbarian Halfling Maleblue, man, hair, Barbarian Halfling Male, wounded
Barbarian Half Orc Female 1deadlocks, woman, greataxe, Barbarian Half-Orc Female 1
Barbarian Half Orc Female 2attacking, tattoos, Barbarian Half-Orc Female 2
Barbarian Half Orc Male 1swords, green, Barbarian Half-Orc Male 1, man
Barbarian Half Orc Male 2man, Barbarian Half-Orc Male 2, brown, red
Barbarian Human Female 1Barbarian Human Female 1, swords, scimitar, woman
Barbarian Human Female 2greataxe, wounded, Barbarian Human Female 2, red hair
Barbarian Human Male 1Barbarian Human Male 1, man, long hair, greataxe
Barbarian Human Male 2killmonger, Barbarian Human Male 2, man, dreadlocks
Barbarian Human Male 3Barbarian Human Male 3, conan, man, greatsword
Barbarian Human Male 4attacking, strike, conan, pose, classic + 1 more
Barbarian Orc FemaleBarbarian Orc female, red haired, greataxe, woman
Barbarian Orc Male 1green, Barbarian Orc Male 1, man, axe
Barbarian Orc Male 2Barbarian Orc Male 2, dual wield, greataxe, attacking
Barbarian Tabaxi Femalewoman, Barbarian Tabaxi Female, tiger, cat, leopard
Barbarian Tabaxi Malecat, tiger, man, Barbarian Sword 8-with-outline, Barbarian Tabaxi Male
Barbarian Tiefling FemaleBarbarian Tiefling Female, red, demon, woman, flying
Barbarian Tiefling Malegreen, Barbarian Tiefling Male, blue, man, wings + 1 more
Barbarian Warforged 1hammer, robot, Barbarian Warforged 1, cyborg, wood
Barbarian Warforged 2axes, dual wield, robot, Barbarian Warforged 2, metal + 1 more
Barbarian Warforged 3armor, Barbarian Warforged 3, cyborg, robot, plated
Shieldviking, raven, Barbarian Shield
Skull TrophyBarbarian Skull Trophy, animal
Sword runes, scimitar, cutlass