Ddraig Goch's Magic Templates

by Ddraig Goch 3D Renders

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This product depicts 366 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your role-playing games. Many of these items have multiple colours to represent many different spell effects and magic in your world. From fantasy to sci-fi, there is endless possibilities to use these colourful templates.

Templates include:

  • Auras
  • Breath weapons, such as lightning and flame
  • Burning templates, such as green fire
  • Comets in various colours
  • Defence shields, both circle and triangle
  • Domes for use with those protection spells, such as Leomunds Tiny Hut
  • Explosive orbs
  • Firebolts of various colours
  • Force beams
  • Lightning, both forked and straight in various colours
  • Magic bolts of various shapes and colours
  • Magic bridges
  • Magic circles, for summoning and protection
  • Magic clouds of various colours
  • Magic orbs of various shape and colour
  • Magic spheres of different colours
  • Magic orbs
  • Rune spheres
  • Many many more

Included in this pack are the two wizards from the promotion picture. Each of them in combat stance and casual:

Included Assets (366)

Aura Circle 1Aura Circle 1
Aura Circle 2Aura Circle 2
Aura Circle 3Aura Circle 3
Aura Circle 4Aura Circle 4
Aura Circle 5Aura Circle 5
Aura Circle 6Aura Circle 6
Aura Circle 7Aura Circle 7
Aura Circle 8Aura Circle 8
Aura HaloAura Halo
Breath 1Breath 1
Breath 2Breath 2
Breath 3Breath 3
Breath 4Breath 4
Breath 5Breath 5
Breath 6Breath 6
Breath 7Breath 7
Burning 1Burning 1
Burning 2Burning 2
Burning 3Burning 3
Burning 4Burning 4
Burning 5Burning 5
Burning 6Burning 6
Burning 7Burning 7
Burning 8Burning 8
Comet 1Comet 1
Comet 10Comet 10
Comet 2Comet 2
Comet 3Comet 3
Comet 4Comet 4
Comet 5Comet 5
Comet 6Comet 6
Comet 7Comet 7
Comet 8Comet 8
Comet 9Comet 9
Defense Shield Round 1Defense Shield Round 1
Defense Shield Round 10Defense Shield Round 10
Defense Shield Round 11Defense Shield Round 11
Defense Shield Round 2Defense Shield Round 2
Defense Shield Round 3Defense Shield Round 3
Defense Shield Round 4Defense Shield Round 4
Defense Shield Round 5Defense Shield Round 5
Defense Shield Round 6Defense Shield Round 6
Defense Shield Round 7Defense Shield Round 7
Defense Shield Round 8Defense Shield Round 8
Defense Shield Round 9Defense Shield Round 9
Defense Shield Triangle 1Defense Shield Triangle 1
Defense Shield Triangle 2Defense Shield Triangle 2
Defense Shield Triangle 3Defense Shield Triangle 3
Defense Shield Triangle 4Defense Shield Triangle 4
Defense Shield Triangle 5Defense Shield Triangle 5
Defense Shield Triangle 6Defense Shield Triangle 6
Defense Shield Triangle 7Defense Shield Triangle 7
Defense Shield Triangle 8Defense Shield Triangle 8
Dome 1Dome 1
Dome 2Dome 2
Dome 3Dome 3
Dome 4Dome 4
Dome 5Dome 5
Dome 6Dome 6
Explosive Breath 1Explosive Breath 1
Explosive Breath 2Explosive Breath 2
Explosive Breath 3Explosive Breath 3
Explosive Breath 4Explosive Breath 4
Explosive Breath 5Explosive Breath 5
Explosive Breath 6Explosive Breath 6
Explosive Breath 7Explosive Breath 7
Explosive Orb 1Explosive Orb 1
Explosive Orb 10Explosive Orb 10
Explosive Orb 11Explosive Orb 11
Explosive Orb 12Explosive Orb 12
Explosive Orb 2Explosive Orb 2
Explosive Orb 3Explosive Orb 3
Explosive Orb 4Explosive Orb 4
Explosive Orb 5Explosive Orb 5
Explosive Orb 6Explosive Orb 6
Explosive Orb 7Explosive Orb 7
Explosive Orb 8Explosive Orb 8
Explosive Orb 9Explosive Orb 9
Firebolt 1Firebolt 1
Firebolt 2Firebolt 2
Firebolt 3Firebolt 3
Firebolt 4Firebolt 4
Firebolt 5Firebolt 5
Firebolt 6Firebolt 6
Firebolt 7Firebolt 7
Firebolt 8Firebolt 8
Flair Orb 1Flair Orb 1
Flair Orb 2Flair Orb 2
Flair Orb 3Flair Orb 3
Flair Orb 4Flair Orb 4
Flair Orb 5Flair Orb 5
Flair Orb 6Flair Orb 6
Flair Orb 7Flair Orb 7
Flair Orb 8Flair Orb 8
Flame 1Flame 1
Flame 2Flame 2
Flame 3Flame 3
Flaming Hits 1Flaming Hits 1
Flaming Hits 2Flaming Hits 2
Flaming Hits 3Flaming Hits 3
Force Beam 1Force Beam 1
Force Beam 2Force Beam 2
Force Beam 3Force Beam 3
Force Beam 4Force Beam 4
Force Beam 5Force Beam 5
Force Beam 6Force Beam 6
Force Beam 7Force Beam 7
Lightning 1Lightning-1
Lightning 2Lightning-2
Lightning 3Lightning-3
Lightning 4Lightning-4
Lightning 5Lightning-5
Lightning 6Lightning-6
Lightning 7Lightning-7
Lightning 8Lightning-8
Lightning Fork 1Lightning Fork 1
Lightning Fork 2Lightning Fork 2
Lightning Fork 3Lightning Fork 3
Magic Bolt 1Magic Bolt 1
Magic Bolt 1Magic Bolt 1
Magic Bolt 10Magic Bolt 10
Magic Bolt 11Magic Bolt 11
Magic Bolt 12Magic Bolt 12
Magic Bolt 2Magic Bolt 2
Magic Bolt 2Magic Bolt 2
Magic Bolt 3Magic Bolt 3
Magic Bolt 3Magic Bolt 3
Magic Bolt 3Magic Bolt 3
Magic Bolt 4Magic Bolt 4
Magic Bolt 5Magic Bolt 5
Magic Bolt 6Magic Bolt 6
Magic Bolt 7Magic Bolt 7
Magic Bolt 8Magic Bolt 8
Magic Bolt 9Magic Bolt 9
Magic Bridge 1Magic Bridge 1
Magic Bridge 10Magic Bridge 10
Magic Bridge 11Magic Bridge 11
Magic Bridge 12Magic Bridge 12
Magic Bridge 2Magic Bridge 2
Magic Bridge 3Magic Bridge 3
Magic Bridge 4Magic Bridge 4
Magic Bridge 5Magic Bridge 5
Magic Bridge 6Magic Bridge 6
Magic Bridge 7Magic Bridge 7
Magic Bridge 8Magic Bridge 8
Magic Bridge 9Magic Bridge 9
Magic Circle 1Magic Circle 1
Magic Circle 10Magic Circle 10
Magic Circle 11Magic Circle 11
Magic Circle 12Magic Circle 12
Magic Circle 2Magic Circle 2
Magic Circle 3Magic Circle 3
Magic Circle 4Magic Circle 4
Magic Circle 5Magic Circle 5
Magic Circle 6Magic Circle 6
Magic Circle 7Magic Circle 7
Magic Circle 8Magic Circle 8
Magic Circle 9Magic Circle 9
Magic Cloud 1Magic Cloud 1
Magic Cloud 10Magic Cloud 10
Magic Cloud 11Magic Cloud 11
Magic Cloud 2Magic Cloud 2
Magic Cloud 3Magic Cloud 3
Magic Cloud 4Magic Cloud 4
Magic Cloud 5Magic Cloud 5
Magic Cloud 6Magic Cloud 6
Magic Cloud 7Magic Cloud 7
Magic Cloud 8Magic Cloud 8
Magic Cloud 9Magic Cloud 9
Magic Comet 1Magic Comet 1
Magic Comet 10Magic Comet 10
Magic Comet 11Magic Comet 11
Magic Comet 12Magic Comet 12
Magic Comet 2Magic Comet 2
Magic Comet 3Magic Comet 3
Magic Comet 4Magic Comet 4
Magic Comet 5Magic Comet 5
Magic Comet 6Magic Comet 6
Magic Comet 7Magic Comet 7
Magic Comet 8Magic Comet 8
Magic Comet 9Magic Comet 9
Magic Orb 1Magic Orb 1
Magic Orb 10Magic Orb 10
Magic Orb 11Magic Orb 11
Magic Orb 12Magic Orb 12
Magic Orb 2Magic Orb 2
Magic Orb 3Magic Orb 3
Magic Orb 4Magic Orb 4
Magic Orb 5Magic Orb 5
Magic Orb 6Magic Orb 6
Magic Orb 7Magic Orb 7
Magic Orb 8Magic Orb 8
Magic Orb 9Magic Orb 9
Magic Particles 1Magic Particles 1
Magic Particles 2Magic Particles 2
Magic Particles 3Magic Particles 3
Magic Particles 4Magic Particles 4
Magic Particles 5Magic Particles 5
Magic Particles 6Magic Particles 6
Magic Particles 7Magic Particles 7
Magic Particles 8Magic Particles 8
Magic Plant 1Magic Plant 1
Magic Plant 2Magic Plant 2
Magic Plant 3Magic Plant 3
Magic Smaller Comets 1Magic Smaller Comets 1
Magic Smaller Comets 10Magic Smaller Comets 10
Magic Smaller Comets 11Magic Smaller Comets 11
Magic Smaller Comets 12Magic Smaller Comets 12
Magic Smaller Comets 13Magic Smaller Comets 13
Magic Smaller Comets 14Magic Smaller Comets 14
Magic Smaller Comets 15Magic Smaller Comets 15
Magic Smaller Comets 2Magic Smaller Comets 2
Magic Smaller Comets 3Magic Smaller Comets 3
Magic Smaller Comets 4Magic Smaller Comets 4
Magic Smaller Comets 5Magic Smaller Comets 5
Magic Smaller Comets 6Magic Smaller Comets 6
Magic Smaller Comets 7Magic Smaller Comets 7
Magic Smaller Comets 8Magic Smaller Comets 8
Magic Smaller Comets 9Magic Smaller Comets 9
Magic Sparkles 1Magic Sparkles 1
Magic Sparkles 2Magic Sparkles 2
Magic Sparkles 3Magic Sparkles 3
Magic Sparkles 4Magic Sparkles 4
Magic Sparkles 5Magic Sparkles 5
Magic Sparkles 6Magic Sparkles 6
Magic Sphere 1Magic sphere 1
Magic Sphere 10Magic sphere 10
Magic Sphere 11Magic sphere 11
Magic Sphere 12Magic sphere 12
Magic Sphere 2Magic sphere 2
Magic Sphere 3Magic sphere 3
Magic Sphere 4Magic sphere 4
Magic Sphere 5Magic sphere 5
Magic Sphere 6Magic sphere 6
Magic Sphere 7Magic sphere 7
Magic Sphere 8Magic sphere 8
Magic Sphere 9Magic sphere 9
Magic Trail 1Magic Trail 1
Magic Trail 2Magic Trail 2
Magic Trail 3Magic Trail 3
Magic Trail 4Magic Trail 4
Magic Trail 5Magic Trail 5
Magic Trail 6Magic Trail 6
Magic Trail 7Magic Trail 7
Orb 1Orb 1
Orb 2Orb 2
Orb 3Orb 3
Ribbon 1Ribbon 1
Ribbon 2Ribbon 2
Ribbon 3Ribbon 3
Ribbon 4Ribbon 4
Ribbon 5Ribbon 5
Ribbon 6Ribbon 6
Ribbon 7Ribbon 7
Rune Sphere 1Rune Sphere 1
Rune Sphere 2Rune Sphere 2
Rune Sphere 3Rune Sphere 3
Rune Sphere 4Rune Sphere 4
Rune Sphere 5Rune Sphere 5
Rune Sphere 6Rune Sphere 6
Rune Sphere 7Rune Sphere 7
Shield Disk 1Shield Disk 1
Shield Disk 2Shield Disk 2
Shield Disk 3Shield Disk 3
Shield Disk 4Shield Disk 4
Shield Round 1Shield Round 1
Shield Round 2Shield Round 2
Shield Round 3Shield Round 3
Shield Round 4Shield Round 4
Shield Round 5Shield Round 5
Shield Round 6Shield Round 6
Shield Round 7Shield Round 7
Shield Round 8Shield Round 8
Sparkle Explosion 1Sparkle Explosion 1
Sparkle Explosion 10Sparkle Explosion 10
Sparkle Explosion 11Sparkle Explosion 11
Sparkle Explosion 12Sparkle Explosion 12
Sparkle Explosion 13Sparkle Explosion 13
Sparkle Explosion 14Sparkle Explosion 14
Sparkle Explosion 2Sparkle Explosion 2
Sparkle Explosion 3Sparkle Explosion 3
Sparkle Explosion 4Sparkle Explosion 4
Sparkle Explosion 5Sparkle Explosion 5
Sparkle Explosion 6Sparkle Explosion 6
Sparkle Explosion 7Sparkle Explosion 7
Sparkle Explosion 8Sparkle Explosion 8
Sparkle Explosion 9Sparkle Explosion 9
Sparkle Flame 1Sparkle Flame 1
Sparkle Flame 2Sparkle Flame 2
Sparkle Flame 3Sparkle Flame 3
Sparkle Flame 4Sparkle Flame 4
Sparkle Flame 5Sparkle Flame 5
Sparkle Flame 6Sparkle Flame 6
Sparkle Orb 1Sparkle Orb 1
Sparkles Circle 1Sparkles Circle 1
Sparkles Circle 2Sparkles Circle 2
Sparkles Circle 3Sparkles Circle 3
Sparkles Circle 4Sparkles Circle 4
Sparkles Circle 5Sparkles Circle 5
Sparkles Circle 6Sparkles Circle 6
Sparkles Circle 7Sparkles Circle 7
Spectral Hand CastingSpectral Hand casting, mage, hand
Spectral Hand Gesturemage, Spectral Hand casting, Spectral Hand gesture
Spectral Hand Pointing 1mage hand, Spectral Hand pointing 1, pointing
Spectral Hand Rude 2mage hand, Spectral Hand rude 2, rude
Sphere Glowing 1Sphere Glowing 1
Sphere Glowing 2Sphere Glowing 2
Sphere Glowing 3Sphere Glowing 3
Sphere Glowing 4Sphere Glowing 4
Sphere Glowing 5Sphere Glowing 5
Sphere Glowing 6Sphere Glowing 6
Sphere Glowing 7Sphere Glowing 7
Sprinkles 1Sprinkles 1
Sprinkles 2Sprinkles 2
Sprinkles 3Sprinkles 3
Sprinkles 4Sprinkles 4
Sprinkles 5Sprinkles 5
Sprinkles 6Sprinkles 6
Sprinkles 7Sprinkles 7
Star Swirl 1Star Swirl 1
Star Swirl 10Star Swirl 10
Star Swirl 11Star Swirl 11
Star Swirl 12Star Swirl 12
Star Swirl 2Star Swirl 2
Star Swirl 3Star Swirl 3
Star Swirl 4Star Swirl 4
Star Swirl 5Star Swirl 5
Star Swirl 6Star Swirl 6
Star Swirl 7Star Swirl 7
Star Swirl 8Star Swirl 8
Star Swirl 9Star Swirl 9
Strand For Comet 1Strand for comet 1
Strand For Comet 10Strand for Comet 10
Strand For Comet 2Strand for Comet 2
Strand For Comet 3Strand for Comet 3
Strand For Comet 4Strand for Comet 4
Strand For Comet 5Strand for Comet 5
Strand For Comet 6Strand for Comet 6
Strand For Comet 7Strand for Comet 7
Strand For Comet 8Strand for Comet 8
Strand For Comet 9Strand for Comet 9
Swirl 1Swirl-1
Swirl 2Swirl-2
Swirl 3Swirl-3
Swirl 4Swirl-4
Symbol 1Symbol 1
Symbol 2Symbol 2
Symbol 3Symbol 3
Symbol 4Symbol 4
Symbol 5Symbol 5
Symbol 6Symbol 6
Symbol 7Symbol 7
Symbol 8Symbol 8
Triangle Shield 1Triangle Shield 1
Triangle Shield 2Triangle Shield 2
Triangle Shield 3Triangle Shield 3
Triangle Shield 4Triangle Shield 4
Triangle Shield 5Triangle Shield 5
Triangle Shield 6Triangle Shield 6
Triangle Shield 7Triangle Shield 7
Triangle Shield 8Triangle Shield 8
Wizard 1Wizard-1
Wizard 2Wizard-2
Wizard 3Wizard-3
Wizard 4Wizard-4