Ddraig Goch's Samhain 4

by Ddraig Goch 3D Renders

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This product depicts 60 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. it was a mash, it was a monster mash! Enjoy some Halloween treats in this pack


  • Carnivorous Plants, both attacking and with victim in it's mouth
  • Burn Victim
  • Zombie Dogs
  • Ghost Brides
  • Green Hags
  • Spells of Hell
  • Classic Sheet Ghosts
  • Mad Scientists
  • Mad Scientists Monster
  • Night Hags
  • Scarecrow People
  • Spectres
  • Demon Dogs
  • Ancient Vampire Counts
  • Witches
  • Princesses of Hell
  • Werewolf in Human Form
  • Werewolves

Objects and furniture:

  • Broken Wooden Cart
  • Creepy Manor House
  • Creepy Trees
  • Gargoyle Statue

Map: Included is a Manor grounds map to be used in your fantasy campaign.

Included Assets (60)

Burn VictimBurn Victim, burnt, bald
Carnivorous PlantCarnivour Plant, Audrey, man eatting
Carnivorous plant Plant Eating GuyCarnivois Plant Eating Guy, trapped, ensnared
Carnivorous Plant VictimCarnivour-Plant-scene-with-just-man-being-affraid, scared, male
Cart Broken 1wheel, Cart-broken-1, wagon
Demon Dog 1plague, Demon-Dog-1, undead
Demon Dog 2sitting, undead, Demon Dog 2
Demon Dog SlainDemon Dog, undead, killed
Gargoyle Statueresting, stone, Gargoyle Statue
Ghost Bride 1undead, Ghost-Bride-1, red hair
Ghost Bride 2dress, Ghost Bride 2, wedding
Ghost Sheet 1classic, spooky, Ghost-Sheet-1
Ghost Sheet 2Ghost Sheet 2, dirty, bedding
Ghost Sheet 3flying, walking, Ghost Sheet 3
Green Hag 1Green-Hag-1, crone, witch
Green Hag 2Green-Hag-2, spell, casting
Hell Ambassador 1Demon-Dog-1, Hell--Ambassador-1, flesh
Hell Ambassador 2Hell--Ambassador-2, cross armed, observing
Hell Ambassador 3Hell Ambassador 3, hellish, deformed
Hell Princess 1Hell-Princess-1, bone, horns
Hell Princess 2deformed, Demon-Dog-1, Hell-Princess-2
Hell Princess 3undead, Hell-Princess-3, slain
Human Transforming Into A WerewolfWerewolf, transformation, hairy
Landon The Werewolf 2Werewolf, sharp teeth, claws
Mad Scientist 1aloft, hands, Mad Scientist
Mad Scientist 2Mad-Scientist-2, doctor, mask
Mad Scientist 3slain, Mad Scientist, undead
Manor Groundsgrass, Manor Grounds, field
Manor Househouse, Manor House, large
Monster Frankenstein 1creature, Monster-Frankenstein-1, Frank
Monster Frankenstein 2Monster-Frankenstein-2, golem, bolts
Monster Frankenstein 3slain, Monster-Frankenstein-3, undead
Night Hag 1barrier, casting, Night-Hag-1
Night Hag 2green, Night-Hag-2, blue
Scarecrow 1Scarecrow-1, claws, pointing
Scarecrow 2flesh, Scarecrow-2, bloodied
Scarecrow 3stuffed, Scarecrow-3, claws, attacking
Scarecrow 4Scarecrow-4, slain, killed
Spectre Female 2ghost, Spectre-Female-2, spirit
Spectre Female 3flying, floating, Spectre-Female-3
Tree 1Tree-1, awakened, gnarled
Tree 2attacking, Tree-2, alive
Tree 3winter, evil, Tree-3
Tree 4Tree-4, moss, covered
Tree And Stonesbush, green, tree-and-stones
Tree And Stones 2tree-and-stones-2, bark, winter
Undead Dog 1Demon-Dog-1, plague, Undead-Dog-1
Undead Dog 2Undead-Dog-2, flesh, attacking
Undead Dog 3undead, slain, Undead-Dog-3
Vampire Count Nosferatu 1claws, hiding, Vampire-Count-Nosferatu-1
Vampire Count Nosferatu 2hidious, attacking, Vampire-Count-Nosferatu-2
Vampire Count Nosferatu 3Vampire-Count-Nosferatu-3, cane, with
Vampire Count Nosferatu 4slain, dead, Vampire-Count-Nosferatu-4
Werewolf 1running, Werewolf, bounding
Werewolf 2stalking, hunched, Werewolf
Werewolf TransformationWerewolf, morphed, howling
Witch 1hag, Witch-1, braids
Witch 2Witch-2, dead, slain
Witch 3dead, Witch-3, slain
Witch 4hag, Witch-4, deadlocks