Ddraig Goch's Samhain Pack 3

by Ddraig Goch 3D Renders

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Ddraig Goch's Samhain Pack 3 This product depicts 62 uniquely designed 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. To err is human to arggggg is zombie!

This pack includes the following. Creatures:

  • Bats
  • Bat Swarms
  • Black Spiders
  • Boogeyman
  • Creatures From The Deep
  • Death
  • Demon Mages
  • Demon Skeletons
  • Devils
  • Fallen Skeletons
  • Fire Spiders
  • Frankenstein's Monster / Golem
  • Horned Demons
  • Mutants
  • Plague Spiders
  • Pumpkin Head
  • Scary Clowns
  • Silence
  • Undead Werewolves
  • Virals


  • Bed
  • Blood
  • Bone
  • Coffin Bones
  • Coffins
  • Chest, both open and closed
  • Fog
  • Gore
  • Skull

Included Assets (62)

Batvampire, flying, Bat
Bat Swarmcauldron, Bat Swarm, flying
Bed With Furssleeping, Bed with Furs, covers
Black Spider 1hairy, arachnid, Black Spider 1
Black Spider 2hairy, Black Spider 2, arachnid
Black Spider Deadichor, arachnid, Black Spider Dead
Blood Spattergore, Blood Spatter, red
Boogyman 1Boogyman 1, horror, Scary Clown 2
Boogyman 2undead, Boogyman 2, bones
Boogyman 3Boogyman 3, slain, killed
Chest ClosedClosed Chest, trunk, crate
Chest Opencross, Open Chest, loot
Coffin Bones 1inside, fits, Coffin Bones 1
Coffin Bones 2Coffin Bones 2, inside, fits
Coffin Closedwooden, worn, Coffin Closed
Coffin Opendirty, Coffin Open, empty
Creature From The Deep 1Black Spider 1, lagoon, Creature From The Deep 1
Creature From The Deep DeadCreature From The Deep Dead, slain, killed
Deathscythe, Demon Skeleton 1, Death
Demon Mage 1Demon Mage 1, Creature From The Deep 1, staff
Demon Mage Deadslain, killed, Demon Mage Dead
Demon Skeleton 1sword, Demon Skeleton 1, shield
Demon Skeleton 2horns, mace, Demon Skeleton 2
Devil 1Devil 1, Horned Demon 1, Demon Mage 1
Devil 2armored, armoured, Devil 2
Devil Deadslain, Devil Dead, killed
Fallen Skeleton 1Fallen Skeleton 1, Horned Demon 1, winged
Fallen Skeleton 2Black Spider Dead, slain, Fallen Skeleton 2
Fire Spider 1arachnid, Fire Spider 1, ablaze
Fire Spider 2Fire Spider 2, arachnid, red
Fire Spider DeadFire Spider Dead, killed, slain
Fog 1cloud, Fog 1, smoke
Fog 2cloud, Fog 2, smoke
Frank 1Frank 1, Frankenstein, monster
Frank 2experiment, Frank 2, undead
Frank Deadsitting, slain, Frank Dead
Gore 1Gore 1, guts, flesh
Gore 2spine, Gore 2, ribs
Horned Demon 1Scary Clown 2, Devil 1, Horned Demon 1
Horned Demon Deadslain, killed, Horned Demon Dead
Mutant 1deformed, Mutant 1, big hand
Mutant 2attacking, claws, Mutant 2
Mutant Deadkilled, Mutant Dead, slain
Plague Spider 1Plague Spider 1, poison, diseased
Plague Spider 2attacking, spitting, Plague Spider 2
Plague Spider DeadPlague Spider Dead, goo, plattered
Pumpkin Head 1scarecrow, scary, Pumpkin Head 1
Pumpkin Head 2wooden, stickman, Pumpkin Head 2
Pumpkin Head 3slain, dead, Pumpkin Head 3
Scary Clown 1pennywise, baloon, Scary Clown 1
Scary Clown 2Scary Clown 2, makeup, attacking
Scary Clown Deadkilled, slain, Scary Clown Dead
Silence 1tentacles, alien, Silence 1
Silence DeadSilence Dead, killed, slain
Single BoneSingle Bone, dog, thigh
Single Skulljaw, missing, Single Skull
Undead Werewolf 1Plague Spider 1, diseased, Undead Werewolf 1
Undead Werewolf 2Undead Werewolf 2, no, fur
Undead Werewolf Slainkilled, Undead Werewolf Slain, dead
Viral 1Viral 1, puss, diseased
Viral 2Viral 2, attacking
Viral DeadViral Dead, slain, sitting