Drow Manor Battlemap Pack

by Czepeku

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Take your party up the manya floors of this Drow Manor, nestled in the Underdark within a stalagmite. Start at the ground floor, guarded by a Jade Spider, up through the mushroom and guano farms to the spider colosseums, into the Drow ballroom and living quarters and finally up to the temple of Lolth. These maps are the quintessential Drow experience!

All variations come in both gridded and gridless and designed for ease of use on Astral.

Included Assets (24)

G DrowManor BallRoomG_DrowManor_BallRoom
G DrowManor BatFarmG_DrowManor_BatFarm
G DrowManor BedroomG_DrowManor_Bedroom
G DrowManor FightingPitG_DrowManor_FightingPit
G DrowManor FightingPitStablesG_DrowManor_FightingPitStables
G DrowManor FrontEntranceG_DrowManor_FrontEntrance
G DrowManor FungalFarmG_DrowManor_FungalFarm
G DrowManor JadeSpiderFrontEntranceG_DrowManor_JadeSpiderFrontEntrance
G DrowManor PriestessBedroomG_DrowManor_PriestessBedroom
G DrowManor ServantsQuatersG_DrowManor_ServantsQuaters
G DrowManor ShrineG_DrowManor_Shrine
G DrowManor SlavePrisonG_DrowManor_SlavePrison
GL DrowManor BallRoomGL_DrowManor_BallRoom
GL DrowManor BatFarmGL_DrowManor_BatFarm
GL DrowManor BedroomGL_DrowManor_Bedroom
GL DrowManor FightingPitGL_DrowManor_FightingPit
GL DrowManor FightingPitStablesGL_DrowManor_FightingPitStables
GL DrowManor FrontEntranceGL_DrowManor_FrontEntrance
GL DrowManor FungalFarmGL_DrowManor_FungalFarm
GL DrowManor JadeSpiderFrontEntranceGL_DrowManor_JadeSpiderFrontEntrance
GL DrowManor PriestessBedroomGL_DrowManor_PriestessBedroom
GL DrowManor ServantsQuatersGL_DrowManor_ServantsQuaters
GL DrowManor ShrineGL_DrowManor_Shrine
GL DrowManor SlavePrisonGL_DrowManor_SlavePrison