Mountaintop Altar Battlemap Pack

by Czepeku

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Take your party up a dangerous precipice, along the cliff edge of a mountain, to a sacred altar high above the clouds. This map comes with day and night versions but also 9 other variations. What your players find at the top of the mountain is up to you. Here are some of the options included: a magic sword, an Aaracokra village, a fey shrine, a bloody sacrificial skydoor and more!

Included Assets (12)

GL MountaintopAltar BloodySkydoor NightGL_MountaintopAltar_BloodySkydoor_Night
GL MountaintopAltar Crack NightGL_MountaintopAltar_Crack_Night
GL MountaintopAltar GreenShrine DayGL_MountaintopAltar_GreenShrine_Day
GL MountaintopAltar GreenShrine NightGL_MountaintopAltar_GreenShrine_Night
GL MountaintopAltar Skydoor DayGL_MountaintopAltar_Skydoor_Day
GL MountaintopAltar Skydoor NightGL_MountaintopAltar_Skydoor_Night
GL MountaintopAltar StormGiant NightGL_MountaintopAltar_StormGiant_Night
GL MountaintopAltar Sword DayGL_MountaintopAltar_Sword_Day
GL MountaintopAltar Sword NightGL_MountaintopAltar_Sword_Night
GL MountaintopAltar VillageConstellation NightGL_MountaintopAltar_VillageConstellation_Night
GL MountaintopAltar Village DayGL_MountaintopAltar_Village_Day
GL MountaintopAltar Village NightGL_MountaintopAltar_Village_Night