Ogre Invasion Battlemap Pack

by Czepeku

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This pack contains a giant 40x50 battlemap with 9 variations! The maps come in both gridded and gridless versions. The map shows the carnage of ogres invading a countryside manor and the nearby stables and peasant quarters. Explore these maps during day or night, get your party to avoid sight as they meander through the forests and cross surreptitiously over the bridges and make their way through the destruction of the manor to slay the greedy Ogre queen at her feast table.

Looking for some deeper campaign inspiration? We’ve got you covered:

“Your party finds itself at The Lonely Monk, a small tavern on a dirt path of a nameless hamlet. Through the frosted glass you see signs of merriment and as you enter the celebration becomes a raucous uproar. Your bard, ever curious, mingles with the crowd and inquires what festival they’re enjoying. It surely isn’t Harvest just yet. ‘Oh no no,’ says the bar keep ‘we’re celebrating freedom!’ ‘Freedom?’ your bard asks. ‘Freedom hic from our lords and captors!’ replies a drunk villager, who goes on to explain through slurred speech that a group of ogres attacked the manor and ate the miserly family who was residing there. At the crux of the story the villagers let out another joyous cry. The room is in full jubilation until your paladin asks ‘And what happens when the ogre queen is done eating the last of their bones? Where do you think they’ll head next?’ The room falls silent, the villagers look to one another with concerned grimaces before a portly man approaches and asks ‘How about a job for a fine party of thrill seekers?’

This map is perfect for a one-shot or a low-level encounter in the party’s first village. You could even repurpose the manor and set it up as your party’s hub area. Use it to defend against roving bandits and goblin hordes or just to spend some downtime in. Whatever your campaign we’re sure you’ll get a lot of mileage out of these maps.

Included Assets (12)

GL AbandonedMineEntrance CrystalGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Crystal
GL AbandonedMineEntrance DayGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Day
GL AbandonedMineEntrance Desert DayGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Desert_Day
GL AbandonedMineEntrance Dragon DayGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Dragon_Day
GL AbandonedMineEntrance EscapedDragon NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_EscapedDragon_Night
GL AbandonedMineEntrance FireyEntranceDesert NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_FireyEntranceDesert_Night
GL AbandonedMineEntrance Goblin DayGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Goblin_Day
GL AbandonedMineEntrance Goblin NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Goblin_Night
GL AbandonedMineEntrance HellgateDesert NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_HellgateDesert_Night
GL AbandonedMineEntrance NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_Night
GL AbandonedMineEntrance SpiderWeb DayGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_SpiderWeb_Day
GL AbandonedMineEntrance SpiderWeb NightGL_AbandonedMineEntrance_SpiderWeb_Night