Goblin Bridge

by Czepeku

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The battle map depicts a rickety bridge passing a dangerous waterfall and over a high and dangerous ravine. This is a bridge famous for its goblin ambushes. Attacks could come from either side. Ready your players and make sure no one is pushed into the rapid waters below.

Included Assets (12)

GL GoblinBridge CrossBridge DayGL_GoblinBridge_CrossBridge_Day
GL GoblinBridge CrossBridge NightGL_GoblinBridge_CrossBridge_Night
GL GoblinBridge DragonFire DayGL_GoblinBridge_DragonFire_Day
GL GoblinBridge DragonFire NightGL_GoblinBridge_DragonFire_Night
GL GoblinBridge OriginalGL_GoblinBridge_Original
GL GoblinBridge Original NightGL_GoblinBridge_Original_Night
GL GoblinBridge ScaryGoblins DayGL_GoblinBridge_ScaryGoblins_Day
GL GoblinBridge ScaryGoblins NightGL_GoblinBridge_ScaryGoblins_Night
GL GoblinBridge Shambles DayGL_GoblinBridge_Shambles_Day
GL GoblinBridge Shambles NightGL_GoblinBridge_Shambles_Night
GL GoblinBridge SillyGoblins DayGL_GoblinBridge_SillyGoblins_Day
GL GoblinBridge SillyGoblins NightGL_GoblinBridge_SillyGoblins_Night