Green Dragon Lair Battlemap Pack

by Czepeku

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The dense brush and moss-covered trees give way to a clearing. What once may have been a temple is now overgrown. Nature has taken back its land, with all paths winding their way here - to the green dragon's lair. Do you enter the cave and face the great green trickster? Or beckon it out to fight in the open?

These maps are all 24x54 squares. All variations come in both gridded and gridless and designed for ease of use on Astral.

Included Assets (10)

1385168 G GreenDragonLair Original Day1385168-G_GreenDragonLair_Original_Day
1385170 G GreenDragonLair Moonlight1385170-G_GreenDragonLair_Moonlight
1385172 G GreenDragonLair Spring1385172-G_GreenDragonLair_Spring
1385174 G GreenDragonLair Portal1385174-G_GreenDragonLair_Portal
1385176 G GreenDragonLair Snow1385176-G_GreenDragonLair_Snow
1385178 GL GreenDragonLair Original Day1385178-GL_GreenDragonLair_Original_Day
1385180 GL GreenDragonLair Moonlight1385180-GL_GreenDragonLair_Moonlight
1385182 GL GreenDragonLair Spring1385182-GL_GreenDragonLair_Spring
1385184 GL GreenDragonLair Portal1385184-GL_GreenDragonLair_Portal
1385186 GL GreenDragonLair Snow1385186-GL_GreenDragonLair_Snow