Mechanical Palace Battlemap Pack

by Czepeku

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Deep in the heart of the biomechanical realm, the One and the Prime awaits. The overseer of law and order patiently welcomes you into his clockwork palace, his clockwork constructs poised at the ready should you decide diplomacy is no longer an option.

These maps are all 24x42 squares. All variations come in both gridded and gridless and designed for ease of use on Astral.

Included Assets (10)

1367373 G MechanicalPalace Original1367373-G_MechanicalPalace_Original
1367375 G MechanicalPalace Supernova1367375-G_MechanicalPalace_Supernova
1367377 G MechanicalPalace Unstable1367377-G_MechanicalPalace_Unstable
1367379 G MechanicalPalace DarkPrimus1367379-G_MechanicalPalace_DarkPrimus
1367381 G MechanicalPalace Bloodbath1367381-G_MechanicalPalace_Bloodbath
1367383 GL MechanicalPalace Original1367383-GL_MechanicalPalace_Original
1367385 GL MechanicalPalace Supernova1367385-GL_MechanicalPalace_Supernova
1367387 GL MechanicalPalace Unstable1367387-GL_MechanicalPalace_Unstable
1367389 GL MechanicalPalace DarkPrimus1367389-GL_MechanicalPalace_DarkPrimus
1367391 GL MechanicalPalace Bloodbath1367391-GL_MechanicalPalace_Bloodbath