Cthulhu in action Set 1

by Crow's Nest

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30 tokens comprising 5 characters in three different views (top-down, portrait, and isometric) with and without token rings. These creatures will fit perfectly into your Cthulhu and other horror settings. These tokens represent the creatures in action.

Included Assets (30)

Blind Demon IsoBlind Demon - Iso
Blind Demon Iso TokenBlind Demon - Iso Token
Blind Demon PortraitBlind Demon - Portrait
Blind Demon Portrait TokenBlind Demon - Portrait Token
Blind Demon Top DownBlind Demon - Top down
Blind Demon Top Down TokenBlind Demon - Top down Token
Cthulhian IsoCthulhian - Iso
Cthulhian Iso TokenCthulhian - Iso Token
Cthulhian PortraitCthulhian - Portrait
Cthulhian Portrait TokenCthulhian - Portrait Token
Cthulhian Top DownCthulhian - Top down
Cthulhian Top Down TokenCthulhian - Top down Token
Ghoul IsoGhoul - Iso
Ghoul Iso TokenGhoul - Iso Token
Ghoul PortraitGhoul - Portrait
Ghoul Portrait TokenGhoul - Portrait Token
Ghoul Top DownGhoul - Top down
Ghoul Top Down TokenGhoul - Top down Token
Horror IsoHorror - Iso
Horror Iso TokenHorror - Iso Token
Horror PortraitHorror - Portrait
Horror Portrait TokenHorror - Portrait Token
Horror Top DownHorror - Top down
Horror Top Down TokenHorror - Top down Token
The Creature IsoThe Creature - Iso
The Creature Iso TokenThe Creature - Iso Token
The Creature PortraitThe Creature - Portrait
The Creature Portrait TokenThe Creature - Portrait Token
The Creature Top DownThe Creature - Top down
The Creature Top Down TokenThe Creature - Top down Token