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The Sci-Fi Music Pack - by Adventure Music

This music pack includes 5 original instrumental tracks that have been inspired by space travel, distant stars, and Alien races. Each track comes paired together with a seamless loop version so you can put the track on repeat if you need to. Here is a list of tracks with a short description for each:

  1. The Samara - Inspired by a ship from the “Dark Matter” adventure setting by Mage Hand Press, “The Samara” is a grand orchestral-synth track with a steady driving drum set and bass line. Strings and French Horns present a main melody that evokes the final frontier hopes of space exploration, and punchy synth beats keep you floating in zero gravity.
  2. Cryosleep - “Cryosleep” is a 6 minute dream state ambient track. Gorgeous and soothing, the steady synth bass provides the electronic pad for wide open strings and twinkling lead synths. The cold, nothing of space isn’t so bad when you spend most of your time in cryosleep. Use this track for long space journeys and down time between your adventures.
  3. Explore the Abandoned Spaceship - The abandoned spaceship is an iconic space adventure moment that needs iconic floating-in-space ambience! This is a completely soundscape ambient track to be put on in the background while your adventurers are searching through the abandoned cargo of a lifeless ship. But is the ship really lifeless? Only time will tell.
  4. It’s Dark in Here - This sci-fi battle track evokes alien weaponry and tactics and sets players onto an unknown battlefield where only their sci-fi imaginations can help them. The slow back beat drum set played against a fast paced 16th note melody will personify your villain in a really interesting way, and the rhythmic synths in the second half of the track keep the music driving forward.
  5. Between the Planets - Every sci-fi adventure needs music to help players feel like they are really traveling through and across the vast stretches of interstellar space. This completely synth track has a steady bass beat, a wondrous arpeggiated 8th notes, and a distant improvised melody to keep your players guessing about their next destination.

Bonus Track

  • Cloning Lab - This play list needed one more evil background/encounter track to really make it feel complete, so we decided to add “Cloning Lab” as a bonus track, free from us to you! Alien species symbolize the true unknown, and this unsettling track will immerse your players in that eerie feeling of exploring alien landscapes and civilizations and encountering the unidentified and unexplained.

You can listen to short samples of each track at this Soundcloud playlist:

Enjoy your Adventures,

ComposerJd & Hoffzart, 
Adventure Music

Included Assets (12)

Between The Planets02:13Between the Planets
Between The Planets Loop02:09Between the Planets Loop
Cloning Lab03:56Cloning Lab
Cloning Lab Loop03:48Cloning Lab Loop
Cryosleep Loop06:05Cryosleep Loop
Explore The Abandoned Ship03:10Explore the Abandoned Ship
Explore The Abandoned Ship Loop03:40Explore the Abandoned Ship Loop
Its Dark In Here04:21Its Dark in Here
Its Dark In Here Loop04:08Its Dark in Here Loop
The Samara03:53The Samara
The Samara Loop03:40The Samara Loop