RPG/Fantasy Game - Interface Sounds

by Audio Alchemist

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RPG/Fantasy Game - Interface Sounds

102 sound for different purposes in-game but specially good for interface. Divided in:

  • Chest Sounds
  • Interaction with different gameplay elements (coins, clothes, books, armours, stones, water, weapons, etc...)
  • User Interface (buttons, dialogues, menu, loading text, etc...)
  • Miscellaneous (eat, drink, click mouse, ambiences)

YouTube Preview (hear the audio preview of the 102 SFX): https://youtu.be/qGPimdTASLs Soundcloud Preview (hear the audio preview of the 102 SFX): https://soundcloud.com/user-24601272/rpg-fantasy-game-interface-sounds-preview Tracklist PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QpMOx4uZVrUcrE_06jXwL_moePdJBCpT/view

Price will increase in with future updates, so purchase now!

This pack can be complemented with: Inventory Sounds - Volume 2: https://app.astraltabletop.com/marketplace/product/AA-0042/inventory-sounds-volume-2 Interface Musical Sounds Pack: https://app.astraltabletop.com/marketplace/product/AA-0021/interface-musical-sounds

More about the pack:

  • Intuitive file naming
  • All you'll ever need regarding interface, ui sounds for different types of videogames.
  • For Fantasy/RPG and Medieval games but also suitable for other types of games.
  • Recorded with the Zoom H6 and Rode NT1-A

Format All files are in: WAV - Stereo 44.1 Khz, 16bit

Use them again & again Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.

Professional audio services For custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: [email protected]

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Included Assets (102)

Ambience Bonfire Loop00:42Ambience_Bonfire_Loop
Ambience Crickets Loop00:10Ambience_Crickets_Loop
Ambience Day00:31Ambience_Day
Ambience Night00:16Ambience_Night
Chest Coins Opening00:02Chest_Coins_Opening
Chest Gems Opening 0100:02Chest_Gems_Opening_01
Chest Gems Opening 0200:02Chest_Gems_Opening_02
Chest Magic Opening 0100:02Chest_Magic_Opening_01
Chest Magic Opening 0200:03Chest_Magic_Opening_02
Chest Wood Opening00:00Chest_Wood_Opening
Click Mouse00:00Click_Mouse
Drink 0100:00Drink_01
Drink 0200:00Drink_02
Eat 0100:00Eat_01
Eat 0200:00Eat_02
Eat 0300:00Eat_03
Interaction With Armour 0100:00Interaction_With_Armour_01
Interaction With Armour 0200:00Interaction_With_Armour_02
Interaction With Book 0100:01Interaction_With_Book_01
Interaction With Book 0200:00Interaction_With_Book_02
Interaction With Book TurnPage 0100:00Interaction_With_Book_TurnPage_01
Interaction With Book TurnPage 0200:00Interaction_With_Book_TurnPage_02
Interaction With Book TurnPage 0300:01Interaction_With_Book_TurnPage_03
Interaction With Bottle Open 0100:00Interaction_With_Bottle_Open_01
Interaction With Bottle Open 0200:01Interaction_With_Bottle_Open_02
Interaction With Chain 0100:02Interaction_With_Chain_01
Interaction With Chain 0200:02Interaction_With_Chain_02
Interaction With Cloth 0100:01Interaction_With_Cloth_01
Interaction With Cloth 0200:00Interaction_With_Cloth_02
Interaction With Cloth 0300:01Interaction_With_Cloth_03
Interaction With Coin 0100:00Interaction_With_Coin_01
Interaction With Coin 0200:00Interaction_With_Coin_02
Interaction With Coin 0300:00Interaction_With_Coin_03
Interaction With Coin 0400:00Interaction_With_Coin_04
Interaction With Coin 0500:00Interaction_With_Coin_05
Interaction With Coin 0600:00Interaction_With_Coin_06
Interaction With Coin Sack00:00Interaction_With_Coin_Sack
Interaction With Group Of Coins 0100:02Interaction_With_Group_Of_Coins_01
Interaction With Group Of Coins 0200:01Interaction_With_Group_Of_Coins_02
Interaction With Group Of Coins 0300:01Interaction_With_Group_Of_Coins_03
Interaction With Magic Gem00:01Interaction_With_Magic_Gem
Interaction With Mail Armor00:01Interaction_With_Mail_Armor
Interaction With Mechanism00:01Interaction_With_Mechanism
Interaction With Mineral Stone 0100:00Interaction_With_Mineral_Stone_01
Interaction With Mineral Stone 0200:00Interaction_With_Mineral_Stone_02
Interaction With Mineral Stone 0300:00Interaction_With_Mineral_Stone_03
Interaction With Mineral Stone 0400:00Interaction_With_Mineral_Stone_04
Interaction With Potion 0100:01Interaction_With_Potion_01
Interaction With Potion 0200:00Interaction_With_Potion_02
Interaction With Stone 0100:00Interaction_With_Stone_01
Interaction With Stone 0200:00Interaction_With_Stone_02
Interaction With Stone 0300:00Interaction_With_Stone_03
Interaction With Stone 0400:00Interaction_With_Stone_04
Interaction With Stones00:01Interaction_With_Stones
Interaction With Water 0100:01Interaction_With_Water_01
Interaction With Water 0200:00Interaction_With_Water_02
Interaction With Water 0300:00Interaction_With_Water_03
Interaction With Weapon 0100:00Interaction_With_Weapon_01
Interaction With Weapon 0200:00Interaction_With_Weapon_02
Interaction With Weapon 0300:00Interaction_With_Weapon_03
Interaction With Weapon 0400:00Interaction_With_Weapon_04
Interaction With Wood 0100:01Interaction_With_Wood_01
Interaction With Wood 0200:01Interaction_With_Wood_02
Keyboard Laptop Loop00:08Keyboard_Laptop_Loop
Keyboard Loop00:06Keyboard_Loop
Loading Text Loop 0100:00Loading_Text_Loop_01
Loading Text Loop 0200:01Loading_Text_Loop_02
Pop Up 0100:00Pop_Up_01
Pop Up 0200:00Pop_Up_02
UI Alert00:01UI_Alert
UI Appear List 0100:00UI_Appear_List_01
UI Button 0100:00UI_Button_01
UI Button 0200:00UI_Button_02
UI Button High Pitch 0100:00UI_Button_High_Pitch_01
UI Button High Pitch 0200:00UI_Button_High_Pitch_02
UI Button High Pitch 0300:00UI_Button_High_Pitch_03
UI Button High Pitch 0400:00UI_Button_High_Pitch_04
UI Button High Pitch 0500:00UI_Button_High_Pitch_05
UI Button Wood 0100:00UI_Button_Wood_01
UI Button Wood 0200:00UI_Button_Wood_02
UI Buy Button 0100:01UI_Buy_Button_01
UI Buy Button 0200:01UI_Buy_Button_02
UI Buy Button 0300:01UI_Buy_Button_03
UI Buy Button 0400:00UI_Buy_Button_04
UI Buy Button 0500:00UI_Buy_Button_05
UI Buy Button 0600:00UI_Buy_Button_06
UI Dialogue End 0100:00UI_Dialogue_End_01
UI Dialogue End 0200:00UI_Dialogue_End_02
UI Fantasy Forward In Menu00:00UI_Fantasy_Forward_In_Menu
UI Fantasy Regress In Menu00:00UI_Fantasy_Regress_In_Menu
UI Menu 0100:00UI_Menu_01
UI Menu 0200:00UI_Menu_02
UI Menu 0300:00UI_Menu_03
UI Menu 0400:00UI_Menu_04
UI Menu 0500:00UI_Menu_05
UI Moving Forward In Menu 0100:00UI_Moving_Forward_In_Menu_01
UI Moving Forward In Menu 0200:00UI_Moving_Forward_In_Menu_02
UI Negative Interaction 0100:00UI_Negative_Interaction_01
UI Negative Interaction 0200:00UI_Negative_Interaction_02
UI Negative Interaction 0300:00UI_Negative_Interaction_03
UI Negative Interaction 0400:00UI_Negative_Interaction_04
UI Regress In Menu00:00UI_Regress_In_Menu