Fire Sounds

by Audio Alchemist

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Fire Sounds Pack

102 High-Quality sound effects specially crafter for video games, editable to fit in a lot of situations of your gameplay.

Divided in:

  • Ambiences: bonfires, fireplace in different locations, forest burning, lava, etc...

  • Coal, fireworks, lighter sounds, wood burning, etc...

  • Fire Spells Magic

Preview of the fire sounds:

Preview of the fire ambiences:

Tracklist PDF:

More about the pack:

Can be complemented with:

Object Destruction Sounds:

Ambience Sounds Volume 1:

  • Everything you will need regarding fire sounds

  • Different sound for any gameplay situation


All files are in:

WAV - Stereo 44.1 Khz, 16bit

OGG - Stereo 44.1 Khz, 16bit

Use them again & again

Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.


Professional audio services

For custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: [email protected]

Tags: Loop, SFX, Ambient, Fire, fire sounds, flame, ambience, ambience sounds, burning, burn, firework, whoosh, magic, magic spells

Included Assets (102)

Ambience Bonfire In The Forest 01 Loop00:28
Ambience Bonfire In The Forest 02 Loop00:24
Ambience Fire Low Pitch Loop00:13
Ambience FirePlace 01 Loop00:28
Ambience Fireplace 02 Loop00:12
Ambience FirePlace By The River 01 Loop00:28
Ambience FirePlace By The River 02 Loop00:12
Ambience Fireplace Low 01 Loop00:20
Ambience Fireplace Low 02 Loop00:17
Ambience FirePlace With Rain On Window 01 Loop00:28
Ambience Fireplace With Rain On Window 02 Loop00:12
Ambience FirePlace With Wind 01 Loop00:28
Ambience Fireplace With Wind 02 Loop00:12
Ambience Forest Burning 01 Loop00:24
Ambience Forest Burning 02 Loop00:28
Ambience Lava 01 Loop00:24
Ambience Lava 02 Loop00:24
Ambience Volcano Fantasy World Loop00:22
Burning Coal Loop 0100:22
Burning Coal Loop 0200:28
Far Explosion 0100:03
Far Explosion 0200:03
Far Explosion 0300:02
Far Explosion 0400:03
Far Explosion 0500:06
Fire Match 0100:01
Fire Match 0200:02
Fire Match 0300:01
Fireplace 01 Loop00:13Fireplace_01_Loop
Firework 01 Exploding00:03
Firework 01 Going Up00:01
Firework 02 Exploding00:03
Firework 02 Going Up00:01
Firework 03 Exploding00:03
Firework 03 Going Up00:01
Gas Flame Loop00:20
Ligher Flame 01 OFF00:01
Ligher Flame 01 ON00:00
Ligher Flame 0200:00
Ligher Flame 0300:01
Ligher Flame 0400:00
Paper Burning Loop 0100:12
Paper Burning Loop 0200:12
Paper Burning Loop 0300:15
Shield Fire00:01Shield_Fire
Shield Lava00:01Shield_Lava
Small Fire 0100:02
Small Fire 0200:02
Small Fire 0300:02
Spell DragonFire00:04
Spell DragonFire00:03Spell_DragonFire
Spell Fire 0100:02Spell_Fire_01
Spell Fire 0100:03
Spell Fire 0200:02
Spell Fire 0200:01Spell_Fire_02
Spell Fire 0300:02Spell_Fire_03
Spell Fire 0300:02
Spell Fire Buff00:01Spell_Fire_Buff
Spell Fire Buff00:03
Spell Fire Critical 0100:02Spell_Fire_Critical_01
Spell Fire Critical 0100:03
Spell Fire Critical 0200:03
Spell Fire Critical 0200:02Spell_Fire_Critical_02
Spell Fire Critical 0300:02
Spell Fire Critical 0300:02Spell_Fire_Critical_03
Spell Fire Impact 0100:03
Spell Fire Impact 0100:01Spell_Fire_Impact_01
Spell Fire Impact 0200:01Spell_Fire_Impact_02
Spell Fire Impact 0200:02
Spell Fire Impact 0300:01Spell_Fire_Impact_03
Spell Fire Impact 0300:02
Spell Fire Impact Critical00:03
Spell Fire Impact Critical00:03Spell_Fire_Impact_Critical
Spell Fire In The Sky00:04
Spell Fire Loop 0100:02Spell_Fire_Loop_01
Spell Fire Loop 0100:24
Spell Fire Loop 0200:02Spell_Fire_Loop_02
Spell Fire Loop 0200:21
Spell Fire Meteor Rain00:05
Spell Fire Meteor Rain00:04Spell_Fire_Meteor_Rain
Spell Fire Miss 0100:02
Spell Fire Miss 0200:02
Spell Fire Miss 0300:01
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0100:01
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0100:00Spell_Fire_Small_Whoosh_01
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0200:00Spell_Fire_Small_Whoosh_02
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0200:01
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0300:00Spell_Fire_Small_Whoosh_03
Spell Fire Small Whoosh 0300:01
Spell Fire Whoosh 0100:02Spell_Fire_Whoosh_01
Spell Fire Whoosh 0100:03
Spell Fire Whoosh 0200:01Spell_Fire_Whoosh_02
Spell Fire Whoosh 0200:03
Spell Fire Whoosh 0300:01Spell_Fire_Whoosh_03
Spell Fire Whoosh 0300:02
Sword Weapon Movement 0100:02
Sword Weapon Movement 0200:02
Sword Weapon Movement 0300:01
Sword Weapon Movement 0400:01
Wood Burning Loop 0100:18
Wood Burning Loop 0200:18
Wood Burning Loop 0300:18