Christmas Game Sounds

by Audio Alchemist

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103 High-Quality christmas sounds divided in:

  • Ambiences
  • Voices
  • Bells
  • Footsteps
  • Chest
  • Coins
  • UI

YouTube preview (listen to the 107 sounds): Soundcloud Preview (listen to the 107 sounds): Tracklist PDF:

This pack can be complemented with: Magic Spells Sounds: Footsteps Sounds:

More about the pack:

  • There's a variety of sounds
  • Intuitive file naming
  • Add sound to your christmas levels or whatever you feel like
  • The sounds inside the pack are easy to add into your game

Format All files are in: WAV - Stereo  44.1 Khz, 16bit OGG - Stereo  44.1 Khz, 16bit


Jake Gaule  Website: Instagram and Twitter: @submergedtapes

Audio Alchemist Contact: [email protected]

Use them again & again

Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.

Professional audio services

For custom music, sound design, sound engineering or any other game audio services, please send a mail to: [email protected]

Included Assets (103)

Ambience Bonfire Loop 0100:13Ambience_Bonfire_Loop_01
Ambience Bonfire Loop 0200:42Ambience_Bonfire_Loop_02
Ambience Bonfire Loop 0301:16Ambience_Bonfire_Loop_03
Ambience Elfs Workshop00:24Ambience_Elfs_Workshop
Bells 01 Loop00:08Bells_01_Loop
Bells 02 Loop00:06Bells_02_Loop
Break Ice 0100:00Break_Ice_01
Break Ice 0200:00Break_Ice_02
Break Ice 0300:00Break_Ice_03
Break Ice 0400:00Break_Ice_04
Christmas Ambience 0100:28Christmas_Ambience_01
Christmas Ambience 0200:26Christmas_Ambience_02
Christmas Ambience 0300:41Christmas_Ambience_03
Christmas Ambience 04 SnowLight00:54Christmas_Ambience_04_SnowLight
Christmas Ambience 05 SnowHeavy00:37Christmas_Ambience_05_SnowHeavy
Christmas Bells00:05Christmas_Bells
Christmas Magic 0100:04Christmas_Magic_01
Christmas Magic 0200:05Christmas_Magic_02
Christmas Magic 0300:04Christmas_Magic_03
Food Cookie Eat00:00Food_Cookie_Eat
Footstep Snow 0100:00Footstep_Snow_01
Footstep Snow 0200:00Footstep_Snow_02
Footstep Snow 0300:00Footstep_Snow_03
Footstep Snow 0400:00Footstep_Snow_04
Footstep Snow 0500:00Footstep_Snow_05
Footstep Snow 0600:00Footstep_Snow_06
Footstep Snow 0700:00Footstep_Snow_07
Footstep Snow 0800:00Footstep_Snow_08
Glitter Loop00:16Glitter_Loop
Item Bottle Open 0100:00Item_Bottle_Open_01
Item Bottle Open 0200:01Item_Bottle_Open_02
Item Chest Close00:01Item_Chest_Close
Item Chest Landing00:01Item_Chest_Landing
Item Chest Moving LOOP00:03Item_Chest_Moving_LOOP
Item Chest Opening 0100:01Item_Chest_Opening_01
Item Chest Opening 0200:02Item_Chest_Opening_02
Item CoinChest Opening 0100:03Item_CoinChest_Opening_01
Item CoinChest Opening 0200:03Item_CoinChest_Opening_02
Item GemsChest Opening00:03Item_GemsChest_Opening
Item MagicChest Opening 0100:03Item_MagicChest_Opening_01
Item MagicChest Opening 0200:02Item_MagicChest_Opening_02
Magic Wind00:03Magic_Wind
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0100:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_01
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0200:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_02
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0300:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_03
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0400:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_04
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0500:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_05
MusicalCoins CoinScaleUp 0600:01MusicalCoins_CoinScaleUp_06
MusicalCoins CoinsVictory00:03MusicalCoins_CoinsVictory
MusicalCoins LotsOfCoinsWin 01 Loop00:02MusicalCoins_LotsOfCoinsWin_01_Loop
MusicalCoins LotsOfCoinsWin 02 Loop00:02MusicalCoins_LotsOfCoinsWin_02_Loop
MusicalCoins PickUpCoin 0100:01MusicalCoins_PickUpCoin_01
MusicalCoins PickUpCoin 0200:01MusicalCoins_PickUpCoin_02
Object Bells Loop00:25Object_Bells_Loop
Player Underwater00:27Player_Underwater
Snow Loop 0100:26Snow_Loop_01
Snow Loop 0200:26Snow_Loop_02
SnowStorm Hard Loop00:29SnowStorm_Hard_Loop
SnowStorm Low 0100:30SnowStorm_Low_01
SnowStorm Low 0200:30SnowStorm_Low_02
SnowStorm Medium Loop00:29SnowStorm_Medium_Loop
SnowStorm Soft Loop00:30SnowStorm_Soft_Loop
UI Correct Answer 0100:00UI_Correct_Answer_01
UI Correct Answer 0200:01UI_Correct_Answer_02
UI Correct Answer 0300:01UI_Correct_Answer_03
UI Interact 0100:00UI_Interact_01
UI Interact 0200:00UI_Interact_02
UI Interact 0300:00UI_Interact_03
UI Magic00:02UI_Magic
UI Notification 0100:03UI_Notification_01
UI Positive Important 0100:04UI_Positive_Important_01
UI Positive Important 0200:05UI_Positive_Important_02
Voice Christmas Female 01 Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year00:03Voice_Christmas_Female_01_Merry_Christmas_And_A_Happy_New_Year
Voice Christmas Female 02 Merry Christmas00:01Voice_Christmas_Female_02_Merry_Christmas
Voice Christmas Female 03 Brilliant00:01Voice_Christmas_Female_03_Brilliant
Voice Christmas Female 04 Good Job00:00Voice_Christmas_Female_04_Good_Job
Voice Christmas Female 05 Fantastic00:00Voice_Christmas_Female_05_Fantastic
Voice Christmas Female 06 Congratulations00:01Voice_Christmas_Female_06_Congratulations
Voice Christmas Female 07 HoHoHo 0100:01Voice_Christmas_Female_07_HoHoHo_01
Voice Christmas Female 08 HoHoHo 0200:00Voice_Christmas_Female_08_HoHoHo_02
Voice Christmas Female 09 Wow 0100:00Voice_Christmas_Female_09_Wow_01
Voice Christmas Female 10 Wow 0200:00Voice_Christmas_Female_10_Wow_02
Voice Christmas Female 11 Yuhoo 0100:00Voice_Christmas_Female_11_Yuhoo_01
Voice Christmas Female 12 Yuhoo 0200:01Voice_Christmas_Female_12_Yuhoo_02
Voice Santa Claus 01 Ho Hoo00:01Voice_Santa_Claus_01_Ho_Hoo
Voice Santa Claus 02 Ho Ho Ho00:01Voice_Santa_Claus_02_Ho_Ho_Ho
Voice Santa Claus 03 Ho Ho Ho Hooo00:03Voice_Santa_Claus_03_Ho_Ho_Ho_Hooo
Voice Santa Claus 04 Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho00:02Voice_Santa_Claus_04_Ho_Ho_Ho_Ho_Ho
Voice Santa Claus 05 Merry Christmas00:02Voice_Santa_Claus_05_Merry_Christmas
Voice Santa Claus 06 Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year00:02Voice_Santa_Claus_06_Merry_Christmas_And_A_Happy_New_Year
Voice Santa Claus 07 Brilliant00:00Voice_Santa_Claus_07_Brilliant
Voice Santa Claus 08 Good Job00:00Voice_Santa_Claus_08_Good_Job
Voice Santa Claus 09 Fantastic00:01Voice_Santa_Claus_09_Fantastic
Voice Santa Claus 10 Congratulations00:02Voice_Santa_Claus_10_Congratulations
Weapons SwordWhoosh 0100:00Weapons_SwordWhoosh_01
Weapons SwordWhoosh 0200:00Weapons_SwordWhoosh_02
Weapons SwordWhoosh 0300:00Weapons_SwordWhoosh_03
Weapons SwordWhoosh 0400:00Weapons_SwordWhoosh_04
Wind Loop00:29Wind_Loop
Wind Soft 01 Loop00:29Wind_Soft_01_Loop
Wind Soft 02 Loop00:06Wind_Soft_02_Loop